Thursday, June 7, 2007

Today in East Central Indiana....

....It's hotter than blue blazes, whatever that means! LOL
It's 93* with 50 MPH wind. Kind of feels like a desert around here. I SO want my swimming pool put up, but it's out in the shed, with Sammie the Snake. lol
I've been making goodies tonight. We're going to do an outreach Saturday afternoon in the inner city parks in Muncie. We'll be setting up a grill, offering free hotdogs, chips, drinks and snacks to any one who wants some. Our youth group has done this before and say it's very eye-opening. They met people that said what we were giving them to eat was all they would eat for that day. That is so sad. Muncie has quite a homeless population and it's heart breaking. Anyway, this will be Fred and my first time doing this and I'm so excited! We'll be having a special service at church Friday night to learn more about this type of outreach and to pray for our efforts on Saturday.
I'll keep you posted!

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