Monday, September 27, 2010

Boboli Pizza Grilling Party!

A few months ago, I applied to host a Beat the BBQ Boredom Boboli pizza party at It was my first attempt at applying to host one of the House Parties and I was chosen! WOOHOO!!

Right away Boboli Fed Ex'd us a package containing the coupons we'd need to purchase the pizza supplies as well as coupons for our guests plus recipe cards, reusable Boboli bags, magnets, etc.

We fired up the gas grill and then made several types of pizzas! I don't think we had any leftovers at all!!

Who knew grilling Bobli pizza would be SO YUMMY? This is definitely something we'll be doing often!!

Thank you to Boboli & for this awesome opportunity! We had 9 guests!

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the primitive country bug said...

sounds like fun especially when the tab is on someone else! :)

TamTam said...

Never had pizza on a grill. Sounds Yummy. We grill out alot and love pizza, this is something I will have to try.

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