Saturday, January 5, 2008

Resolutions update

I mentioned in a previous post I was going to daily write down something that I am thankful for. Here's my notebook: Here's some things I've written down that I'm thankful for:

Jan. 1- A lazy day with my husband-lots of napping!

Jan. 2- That I made it home safely in the car when a part that attaches to the tires broke in half.

Jan. 3- Yummy beef nachos at Los Amigos!

Jan. 4- That I was able to go to the Oncology Center in Indpls with Fred's dad for his first chemo treatment for prostate cancer. He was in wonderful spirits! Here he is:

I was able to get to know my step-MIL's son better and that was really nice. He is 49 and a 7 year cancer survivor! He had testicular cancer and was treated by the same world-class DR as Lance Armstrong there in Indy. This particular DR literally wrote the book on treatment for this type of cancer! I think Lance was there at the same time as my step-brother because he has Lance's book and it's autographed. Anyway, while sitting in the room with my FIL, I watched people of all ages come in for chemo. I couldn't stop thinking about my friend, Alison who is 26 and gets chemo too. It gave me a tiny glimpse of what she goes through and it made me really proud of her and her positive attitude and spirit and it inspired me to pray all the harder for her and others with cancer! When I got home, my hubby said he'd been thinking about Alison all day. =)

I felt very positive about my FIL! I think he's going to be just fine!

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Alison said...

Oh Michelle- you two touch my heart in so many ways! Thank you for thinking of me and all of your prayers. :)